Failed SR system.

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First of all you get in teams where player quit game, and you if you leave after a while you don't get a SR drop. but if you play the match and you lose. you drop in SR wtf, i just dont think it fair that in almost each second game , someone leaves and like i don't just wanna leave each game cus someone leaves. that system is broken and there is nothing fair with it. Second of all if you play support you get a lot less of SR if you win, that means if you play with your mates you rarely get the same SR after a win and when you loss you get the same, so when you play games with your friends, they will climb and you will fall behind if you play support cus the SR system isn't fair. and that can end up with that you can't play with your friends cus you are to far away from eachother. and is it really fair that some people need to "rank" up alone just cus the system is broken.... 

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