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I am trying to setup Mail Merge E-Mail. I try the 'Test' button.
These are my setups, I'm basically copying working out setups of my Thunderbird client.
I have domain mail setup through Gmail. When I set this up, OpenOffice does not seem to like port 465 (gmail is all SSL / TLS). this causes OpenOffice to lock.
I have a regular Gmail account. jimgribbin It uses the same smtp server as my mail domain,, but port 587 instead. With this on 'Test', I get: Establish network connection - Successful; Find outgoing mail server - Failed.
I also have a mailing list with my company and my ISP. They behave in the same way as my regular gmail account. Actually, with my regular Gmail, company, and ISP account test OK if tested BEFORE putting in the server authentication information.
Under some situations I also get: Establish network connection - Failed. I do not know what network connection is being referred to, I have Internet access the whole time.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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